Ride With Me Saigon: How I Learnt to Drive A Motorbike in Vietnam

Riding a motorbike in Saigon is second nature to almost all that live out here, locals and expats alike. Saigon alone is home to an estimated 8.5 million motorbikes! Everything is transported by motorbike in Vietnam, if you don’t believe me see some of the crazy motorbike deliveries in Saigon that I’ve caught on camera.

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So when it comes to living in Saigon, the top of most expat’s list is to learn to drive a motorbike but for most, it comes with nerves. When we first moved to Ho Chi Minh City in November 2017, I was happy enough on the back of my boyfriend, Glen’s motorbike. I was so happy to relinquish control of navigating the traffic to Grab drivers and Glen that I didn’t get the itch to drive a motorbike in Vietnam until we decided recently that we were going to stay for another year.

why drive a motorbike in vietnam?

All of a sudden, I was surrounded by western girls and expats bombing around on their own scooters while I sat on the back – kind of like when you buy a new car then suddenly you see them everywhere. I started to get a little ‘well if they can do it, surely I can’.  I craved and yearned to be as independent as everyone else that was getting themselves around on two wheels without the help of anyone else. How great would it be to be able to drive yourself to work, to socialise and to explore this city on your own two wheels?

driving a motorbike in vietnam can be scary…

I had the yearning, but the confidence was still a little shaky. While the freedom of driving a motorbike in Saigon intrigued me, my confidence waned when it came to thinking about how I would navigate the traffic, the way people pull out without looking,  the lack of road rules and the way an indicator means absolutely nothing. I was anxious about how I would overcome these obstacles until I came across this company on my friend’s blog…

In comes ride with me saigon!

My saviour! Ride With Me Saigon are a company based in Binh Thanh District that offers lessons to those wanting to learn to drive a motorbike in Saigon. All of their instructors speak fluent English and guide you at your own pace.  Ride With Me Saigon provides everything you need to get started including a helmet, use of their 50cc motorbike and a quiet neighbourhood to begin your motorbike lessons in!

3 steps to learning to drive a motorbike in Saigon


You’ll meet your instructor and get to know the motorbike you’ll be driving during the lesson. You’ll go right from the beginning and learn how to start the ignition, where the indicators are, how the stand works, how to break safely etc. When you’re completely aware of how everything works on the motorbike you’ll begin practicing.


You’ll begin with drills around a quiet neighbourhood with your instructor showing you first and you repeating until you feel comfortable enough performing that manoeuvre.  You’ll practice pulling off, stopping, turning left and right and turning the bike in the road. The talented instructors will be there to support you throughout this step and will assess when they think you’re ready for the next step.


Once you feel confident enough to produce all these new skills in a real environment you’ll head out onto the roads of Saigon. With the instructor on their own bike, you’ll follow them around the streets of Binh Thanh and neighbouring districts. You’ll follow them as they lead you through the traffic of Saigon.

Why i loved learning to drive a motorbike with ride with me saigon…

Throughout the whole lesson, the instructors made me feel completely at ease. They are experienced with the most nervous drivers and always accommodate the lesson so well to suit your needs and confidence levels. In an hour and a half, I went from feeling like I’d never drive a motorbike in Saigon, to being crazy proud of myself as I was driving through the busy streets of Saigon at the end of the lesson. It’s amazing the confidence you can build when the lessons are taken at a good pace.

Ride With Me Saigon believe that most people only need one lesson to learn to drive a motorbike in Saigon. However, sometimes you need a little more of a confidence boost with a second or third lesson so the instructors will recognise this and recommend another lesson. Ride With Me Saigon also give lessons to those who have mastered an automatic motorbike and are looking to drive a semi-automatic or manual motorbike – get in touch with them today!

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See what a lesson looks like in Ride With Me Saigon’s new promotional video!

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