9 Must-See Shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2018

Edinburgh is a stunning city year-round and I can quite honestly say it’s one of my favourite places in the whole world. During the month of August, the buzzing anticipation of the lead up explodes as the Edinburgh Fringe Festival arrives in town taking over the city. The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is the largest arts festival in the world. From theatres to pubs and everything in-between, over 300 venues across the city of Edinburgh pop up becoming a stage for over 52,000 performances during August.

This is a little different from my usual posts but the Edinburgh Fringe Festival is something I hold quite close to my heart. I was lucky enough to spend two summers working at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for Hob Publicity, a dynamic publicist with the most intriguing and vibrant shows. Working as a publicity assistant meant I was running all over the city seeing shows, checking in with acts, visiting press offices and urging people to come and see our shows. When day turned to night, it only got more exciting as bars popped up in the middle of squares and the whole city buzzed as some acts finished their day of shows whilst others were just beginning.

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If you’re already in Edinburgh then I urge you to make sure you see these shows! And if you’re within travelling distance of Edinburgh, you will not regret booking that train or plane ticket for an unforgettable weekend at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival! Here’s a round-up of the shows I think you should definitely see at the Edinburgh Fringe this August 2018…

1. Cirque Berserk!

Making their Edinburgh Fringe Festival Debut is the most eagerly-anticipated, theatre-circus spectacular, Cirque Berserk! With over 30 acrobats, aerialists, dancers, drummers, jugglers, death-defying stuntmen and women, this show will leave your jaw on the floor and your heart in your throat. This 90-minute spectacular was given 5 stars and brilliantly described ‘like Cirque du Soleil on steroids‘ (Express). This is not to be missed!


WHEN: 3rd – 26th August, 6pm (with additional shows at 1pm – see website)
WHERE: Pleasance at EICC – Lennox Theatre


A parody of love, friendship and shoes.  Since the hit show first aired 20 years ago, women all over the world have been likening themselves to one of the Sex and The City characters. Well, New York performer Kerry Ipema is Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, Charlotte and 20 other characters in this hilarious depiction of the 6 seasons of Sex and The City! This is a show to grab your mates and some cosmos and enjoy a night of laughter and reliving the memories!

WHEN:  1st – 27th August, 6.55pm
WHERE: Underbelly, Bristo Square, Ermintrude

3. Maureen lipman is ‘up for it’

She’s more than happy to be ‘grey on the fringe’, Maureen Lipman is writing and performing her own show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival after a fabulous fringe career, performing in a number of successful shows, which began in 1965. Maureen Lipman promises an evening of rave, rollick and rant with jazz music to accompany!

Photo credit: Jay Brooks

WHEN: 1-12th August, 5.45pm
WHERE: Assembly, George Street

4. kate dimbleby: sing happy

Sing Happy is a unique blend of storytelling, song and laughter. Kate delves into her own life and stories to bring you a delightful show that will leave you laughing and singing along to her stunning voice. With six albums, a sell out at festival hall and international arts tours under her belt, Kate Dimbleby’s Sing Happy is not to be missed!

WHEN: 13th – 27th August, 12pm (noon)
WHERE: Frankenstein Pub Bier Keller

5. jonny woo’s all star brexit cabaret

Drag superstar Jonny Woo and Olivier Award-winning composer of Jerry Springer The Opera, Richard Thomas, bring you this sequin-spangled musical ripped straight from the headlines. This is an uproarious yet seriously glamorous satire about the referendum of 2016 and the ensuing furore of ‘Brexit’ with a star-studded cast of top Fringe talent. ‘In’ or ‘Out’? There’s a hell of a lot to sing about. Policitically-minded or not, this is a top show to see this year in Edinburgh!

Photo credit: Steve Ullathorne

WHEN: 2nd – 26th August, 6pm
WHERE: Assembly, Piccolo Speigeltent

6. arthur smith: syd

Following the success of Arthur Smith Sings Leonard Cohen, the comedian, again accompanied by the mellifluous Smithereens, tells the story of his own father in this brand-new show. Arthur tells this enthralling 20th-century story about an ordinary man who lived through extraordinary times with laughter, music, and song. Arthur is a successful playwright and a long-time comedian, this is definitely a show to make your belly ache.

WHEN: 1st – 19th August, 4.10pm
WHERE: Pleasance Queen Dome

7. andy storey: Awkward

Andy Storey brings his new show AWKWARD to Just the Tonic throughout August making his debut full fringe hour. Journeying into his misanthropic and awkward past, Andy’s delicious slant on social encounters is a wicked quagmire of self-mortification… “it’s alright when you’re in the house with the curtains closed, but when you have to step outside…”

Photo credit: Steve Ullathorne

WHEN: 1st – 26th August, 1.30pm
WHERE: Just The Tonic (The Wee One)


The legendary Ms Anderson brings you her seriously comical cabaret: singing songs of disappointment, depression and death by writers who share Adèle’s life view that things can only get worse and undoubtedly will. Adèle Anderson is best known as a member of the acclaimed cabaret group Fascinating Aïda. With Fascinating Aïda she has toured the world, made numerous television appearances and radio recordings and released seven CDs. If you’re not familiar with Fascinating Aïda’s stuff then you will be after watching this video.

Photo credit: Steve Ullathorne

WHEN: 1st – 26th August, 6.45pm
WHERE: Assembly George Square Studios (Studio 5)

9. Ladykiller

A brilliant comedy show in which a chambermaid finds herself in a hotel room with a dead woman. Did she mean to do it? Was it self-defense? She reads books, she considers herself a good person, maybe the woman was asking for it. The ultimate question on her lips is why can’t people just be nicer to those who work in customer services? A hilarious show a lot of people will resonate with!

WHEN: 2nd – 27th August, 1pm
WHERE: Pleasance Courtyard, Bunker One

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